Static hostnames and flexible tunnels

SquadDNS is the ultimate solution for dev-teams, eliminating the hassle of changing scripts and dealing with unpredictable dynamic domains or changing tunnel services. By offering static hostname, SquadDNS streamlines your workflow, enabling your developers to fully focus on building exceptional software.


On Premise with Docker

SquadDNS is fully based on Docker and can be deployed on premise or in the cloud.

All you need is a server with Docker installed and correct DNS records for your domains. It's your personal setup, and you have full control over your data and records.

Once configured, developers in your team can change their domains, tunnels or IPs completely independent whenever they need it.

Features that you need

SquadDNS has been made from developers for developers. It's not only a DNS and proxy service, it's a complete solution for your development team.


We understand the challenges that arise when you're compelled to ensure your local machine is accessible on the internet. Whether it's for testing and development involving specific incoming webhooks or interacting with cloud-based systems that necessitate two-way handshakes, like the Shopware App system, we recognize the difficulties involved.

These features help you to get going:

  • Easy Domain Record Management
  • User Management with Roles
  • Integrated Basic Authentication / IP addresses
  • DNS Checker for your domains

Frequently Asked Question

Here's a list of some of the most interesting and common questions and answers.

What is SquadDNS?

SquadDNS is a DNS and proxy service based on NGINX and shipped as single Docker Image. It allows you to forward your static hostnames of your developers to any domains or IP addresses. It's meant to be used for local development with webhooks and more, in combination with tunnel services like NGROK, Cloudflare or other solutions.

Yes, the solution itself is indeed nothing special. But what makes SquadDNS special, is the fact that it's been developed for teams. Let your developers take care of their tunnel availability, or choose if they need Basic Auth or not.

You are in charge of everything. It's your server, it's your setup. If you have your hostnames mapped to a tunnel that exposes sensitive data, keep in mind that it's your responsibility to secure it. SquadDNS does not give any guarantees about the security of your data.

Nothing, it's free. You only need a server to run it on. Isn't that great :)